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Do nice lawns and curve appeal make a difference?

Updated: May 3, 2018

Yes, it looks pretty darn nice ✨

Welcome to my blog post. Today we are going to talk about curve appeal. Even thought you may fall in love with a home right away just from looking at it from the out side, remember don't rush the process. Think of seeing the home as a test drive before you buy the car. It is an ongoing process where you can study your home and see all the things that you may love about the home as well as the things you dislike.

“Do you love curve appeal? So does everyone else, so whether you are buying, renting or selling a home; people purchase things with their eyes first.”

You’ll be adding aesthetic value to your home, so be sure to add it on your front lawn. Adding a few $ to your lawn allow visitors to fall in love with your home before they step in.

Lawn Maintance

Is one of those things that gets over looked often and if your lawn isn't maintained it may turn away potential buyers.

Think of the lawn as the shoes to your outfit. A fresh cut and watering the lawn can help change the look; as well as adding a few flowers from your local home depot.

For more tips, ideas, and products on lawn care check out HomeDepots Lawn Care Section.

And while some people will argue that curve appeal can cost a lot of money (a few hundred bucks at best) it will definitely make you love your property more, as well for your new potential buyers(#lawnvacation #dream #summer #curveappeal #lawn #care)

Keep things simple and clean. Sometimes less says more.

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