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Home Warranties. Do I need one? 🤔

A lot of home buyers, especially first time home buyers, when asked about their interest in getting a home warranty, it's not uncommon to hear the question "Oh, you mean like home insurance, right?". These two get easily confused and it's very important to know the difference between what each one covers.

Where home insurance covers the investment of your home due to damage from fire, flood, natural hazards, home warranties cover the investments inside your home such as the appliances, plumbing and electric and even the a/c.

Now, are you required to have a home warranty? No. Do you need one? Well, that all depends on you. Not quite the straight answer you were looking for? Let's think about it. 💭

Without the home warranty, if your appliances were to ever to fail, the cost of replacing would come 100% out of your pocket. With a home warranty you normally wouldn't pay the full cost of replacing or repairing your item and this helps especially when protecting your budget. So do you need one? No. But does it help to have one? Yes.

✔ Fun Fact, normally when purchasing a new home if you're the buyer, you don't even have to pay for the first year and that's because the seller of the home will usually cover it as an incentive for you (the buyer) to buy their home. Warranties can fit into any budget and the most commonly purchased plans usually start at about $475-500 give or take. This is something that the seller can use to help sell their home quicker and give the buyer peace of mind. Remember this isn't always the case but with the right realtor on both ends, this number can be negotiated into the contract and leave both clients happy and satisfied. And there are many home warranty companies to choose from to fit your budget and needs.

Here are just a few links to some home warranty companies. Remember to exercise due diligence when looking and researching for a company that will fit your needs.




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